In the spring of 2020 Isaac was kind enough to drag me out of my Covid isolation to include me in the recording of his album “…”. Thank you Isaac for gently pushing me out of my comfort zone! The album was recorded and mixed in three days and was done entirely on tape. Make sure to check out the Bandcamp page to read more about the process and about the songs!

Congrats to Baker on releasing his EP “The Tunnels Will Keep Us Safe”! Can’t say I’ve worked on a project quite like one before… It seemed to require its own process. Props to Andre for seeing an idea through to the end.

Its out! Some of these songs are many, many years old (some files are from 2009! Glad to see this finally come to life. Congrats to all that contributed to this thing!


Very proud to have been involved with this one! Featuring Nick Littlemore and a supergroup of musicians and collaborators. Have a listen!

Congrats to Mclean for winning best album and best recording & mixing at this year’s Trille Or awards! Very thankful to have been a part of this!

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